Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils a good meal. That’s why at Gator, we assign a highly focused specialist to manage your account and curate your content, ensuring that your posts are always perfect for your brand.


We utilize an array of professional-grade cameras, software, and other equipment to bring you beautiful branded content that makes sure your posts stand head and shoulders above the rest.


After creating a high-quality post, we zero in on your target demographic, utilizing powerful, data-driven techniques to focus solely on leads who are likely to engage with you, allowing you to skip straight to the audience you want.


Gator Marketing is a Social Media Management and Marketing firm based in Stockton, CA. Our primary focus is on creating and leveraging high-quality content on Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness and drive revenue for our clients.

Founded in San Jose in 2013 by Daniel Luna, Gator moved to back to Stockton in 2016 to tap into a previously underserved and untapped market: the quality businesses and brands of the Central Valley, largely absent from social media.

Since then, Gator has steadily grown to become a boutique firm, creating quality content and campaigns for some of the biggest names in the greater Stockton area, from the University of the Pacific, to the Lincoln Center, and beyond!

As of 2018, we have been expanding our business in big ways, with new clients from down south in the Los Angeles area, and all the way up to Oregon. With an ever-expanding stable of great gear, awesome content, and big things in the works, the future is looking bright for Gator!


Social media has become increasingly widespread in the last decade. Facebook and Instagram make up over 30% of all traffic on the web. Yelp is the #1 app in the nation for reviews. With this increased accessibility of information, consumers are becoming more discerning. They look at Yelp to see if they should engage with a business. They Google to see what businesses are in the area. Without a presence on the web, your business will slip through the cracks.

On top of this, traditional advertising is starting to lose the power it once had. Social media, meanwhile, has become the platform for getting your brand in front of potential customers. It allows for targeted, measurable, and more cost-effective methods of reaching out, enabling more brands than ever to reach the audience they want.

However, unlocking this potential requires a vast amount of knowledge. That’s where Gator comes in. We’re experts at creating powerful photo and video content to build an effective marketing campaign for your business.


Our goal is to provide our clients with a personalized, complete suite of management and content creation services, including Facebook and Yelp management, as well as professional-grade photography.

Facebook Management

Your social media presence matters. Our focus is to build a quality Facebook page for your brand, and then leverage that page to drive revenue, reach, and conversions.

Yelp Management

Every half-star a business gains for its rating on Yelp is another 18% in potential revenue. We help you build your rating and mitigate the impact of any negative reviews.


In order to have a quality presence online, you need to have quality content. We utilize professional-grade cameras and equipment to create the best possible look for your business.

Instagram Management

We don’t just create a quality page. We actively campaign to build a dedicated local following around your business by working with influencers in the area.

Goals Reporting

Everyone has goals. At Gator, we create plans to reach them and keep you posted on your progress, with in-depth reporting and projections.

Video Content

Make your brand stand out from the rest with beautiful video. With quick turnaround and amazing production value, what more could you want?


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